Common Beard Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

The key to a healthy and full beard is a top-notch grooming and care routine. However, many men fail to give their beard the care it needs or make mistakes while trying to look after it. 

In this blog post, we will explain beard care sins that should be avoided at all costs to help you perfect your grooming routine.

Not changing razor blades

When it comes to shaving, many men use one razor and fail to ever change the blades or replace it. This can be detrimental to your beard and your skin. 

If you’re tidying up the edges of the beard, a dulled razor means less precision, meaning you might accidentally shave off more than you wanted. A dull razor can also irritate your skin, leaving you with an annoying rash.

Not having regular beard trims

To keep your beard looking its best, book in for regular barber appointments. While some men are happy to trim their beard at home, this may not always be the best decision.

It’s very easy to slip and make a mistake or accidentally use the wrong trimmer setting, resulting in an uneven beard. When visiting a barber, they can style and shape your beard to complement your face shape and sharpen up any lines.

Beard Trimming

Not brushing your beard

Brushing your beard should be done on a daily basis to ensure it looks neat and tidy. Use a comb if your beard is shorter and move on to a brush if needed.

Doing this regularly will train your hairs to grow downwards rather than outwards, making it easier to maintain.

Not using beard oil

Without beard oil, your beard will never reach its full potential. Going without it means that your beard may look rough and patchy, which is never a good look.

Apply oil once or twice a day to the beard after washing your face. You will find that it looks softer, fuller and tamer and it may also promote growth. Plus, the nourishing properties of the oil can also moisturise the skin underneath your beard.

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