The Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Beard Styles in 2022

Fashion is always changing. What's "in" this season will be "out" in just a few months. But beards, well, beards are always in fashion. No matter the season, no matter the decade, the manliest man always has a beard on his face.Nonetheless, finding the right beard for your face is not always an easy task.

No worries, though, we're here to help. Take a look at the ZOUSZ Guide of to the hottest beard styles of 2022 and find the perfect style for your your face. You can thank us later.


The Hottest Short Beard Styles for 2022

Short beards are seriously in and will definitely be making an appearance throughout 2022. They are the ideal spring and summer look for the chap seeking to contour their features without too much maintenance.

Some of the hottest short beard styles in 2022 include the classic five o'clock shadow, distinctive short boxed beard, and the sport chin strap.

The Five O’clock Shadow BEARD STYLE

The classic “five o’clock” stubble is an ultra-short beard that many mean can grow within a single day. As the name suggests, if you shave in the morning, then by five o'clock, there's a shadow of growth on your chin, neck, and upper lip.

Five O Clock Shadow

But you don't have to wait until the evening to grow this type of beard. You can use an electric trimmer to shave the hair near to the face without removing it all like you would with a traditional razer. 

This allows you to carry the refined ruggedness of a five o'clock shadow any time of the day.

The Short Boxed Beard STYLE - DRAKE

If you're looking for a short beard style that's a little longer than a five 'o clock shadow but still easy to maintain, the short boxed beard is a cropped, spruced, well defined, classic style. It's called a "boxed beard" because the lines of the beard are sharp and neatly frame the jawline within a bearded box.

A short boxed beard style is an ideal style for anyone who wants to extend beyond stubble but doesn’t fancy a fuller beard. However, there are also medium and long boxed options.One reason for this beard's continuing popularity over the years is that it is a universal beard style. This means that it can fit onto any face shape be it oval, square or round and still look absolutely terrific.

Drake Beard. Short Boxed Beard By Drake

A short boxed beard style is typically evenly trimmed to ½ an inch in length. You can use a Grade 3 electric clipper accessory to trim your short boxed beard to these dimensions.The key to a boxed beard is establishing a well-defined neckline. To make sure that the hair around your neckline is properly trimmed, shave the hair along an invisible line that passes between your earlobes and across your Adam's Apple.

Once you've trimmed up your neck, make sure to cut the beard on your to face to the proper length. Then just trim up the edges to get that classic boxed look. Additionally, some nice stubble on the neck can really compliment a short boxed beard.

Short Chin Strap Beard STYLE - Lewis Hamilton

The chin strap beard style emerged in the late 18th Century and has famously donned the faces of Abraham Lincoln, Lewis Hamilton, and Stormzy.

This beard style is currently enjoying an enormous resurgence that is likely to stretch well into 2022 and beyond. There has never been a better time to try out a short chin strap beard.

Lewis Hamilton Beard Short Chin Strap Beard

The chin strap beard style is one of the most versatile styles. Large parts of the neck and cheeks are cleanly shaven while a a thin line of facial hair follows the outer edges of the face and jawline. This means that there is much less hair around your lips than with other short beard styles.However, there are many different types of short chin strap beards. Here are some of the most popular:

Very Thin Chin Strap Beard Style: If you have a strong angular jawline, a very thin beard is often best for accentuating these facial lines

Thin Chin Strap: A thin chin strap beard is great for those with patchy facial hair. If the beard is too thick, the patches will stand out prominently, but if the beard is too thin, then you won't have enough hair to hide the patches.

Goatee Chin Strap Beard Style: A short chin strap beard and a goatee often can compliment each very well. When the goatee connects to a thinner chin strap, your beard just oozes class and luxury.

Stubble Chin Strap Beard Style: If you don’t want to fuss around with maintaining clean edges, then a more subtle, stubble chin strap might be perfect for you.

Sharp-Edged Short Chin Strap Beard Style: This is a great choice for those with pronounced facial lines and also makes a great contrast to a tousled mop up top hairstyle.

The Hottest Medium Beard Styles for 2022

If you’ve sported stubble or carried a chin strap for a while, perhaps you've decided it's time for a change. Growing your beard out a little longer opens up a world new options including some of the hottest beard styles of 2022 like a beardstache, Balbo beard, or a Van Dyke.

The Beardstache Beard STYLE

To sport a beardstache you have to get it just right. If you do, this is a style that oozes masculinity and can even have a dash of flamboyance about it.

Henry Caville Beardstache Beard Superman

The beardstache is technically a beard-moustache hybrid that takes things to the next level. There are many beard styles that go well with a nice moustache, but the beardstache uses the beard to help emphasize the moustache. A traditional beardstache includes a thick and bushy moustache that naturally twirls upwards at the ends.

However, if your moustache is a little thinner, there are alternatives. A beardstache with a thin moustache also includes a moustache that is grown out on the ends but which does not naturally twirl upward. To get that perfect luxurious twirl, you can use our Black Oud Beard Oil.

The Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo beard style seems to be a never that's always in style. This is probably because of its extreme versatility.

Balbo Beard Christian Bale Batman Beard

There are three defining features of the Balbo beard style:

  1. A moustache that is separated from the beard
  2. A goatee or small patch of hair beneath the lower lip
  3. A beard along the chin line, which may be connected to the goatee.

As long as your beard meets these three criteria, it is technically a Balbo beard. That means that Balbo beards can come in short, medium, or long lengths. Additionally, you can also add sideburns even combine your Balbo with a beardstache.

The Balbo beard style also works on just about any face size and is great for those with a patchy beard or thinning areas along the face. Unlike full facial or neck beards, you only need hair above and below the lip as well as along the chin line. Everything else is optional.

The Van Dyke Beard Style

Another stylish medium-length is the The Van Dyke beard style. It's named after the 17th Century Flemish artist Antony Van Dyck who rose to prominence as a portrait painter of European nobility. Ever since, it has risen and fallen in popularity, but it's making a big comeback in 2022.

Van Dyke Beard Leonardo Dicaprio Beard Style

Because of its long association with art and royalty, the Van Dyke beard exudes sophistication and adds a creative flair to your look.There are many ways to style the Van Dyke beard, but its truest incarnation, reminiscent of the artist himself, includes a moustache with the ends curled upwards, a soul patch and a thin, pointy chin beard. 

Typically, the cheeks are kept clean-shaven and a gap is maintained between the moustache and beard below.However, this beard can be altered to fill in the gap between the beard and the moustache. 

Additionally, you can add sideburns to add a more grizzled edge to the sophisticated Van Dyke.

What is essential when growing a Van Dyke is the soul patch, the upward twist to the moustache and the pointy beard. To help really pull off the Van Dyke, use Black Oud Beard Oil to shape the lines of your beard into a fine point and mold the edges of your moustache at just the right angle for your unique look.

The Hottest Long Beard Styles In 2022

Long beards go in and out of style every few years, but in 2022, the long beard is definitely making a comeback. Not all long beard are created equally, however.

Long Beard Black Throught The Roots Beard Tariq

Finding the right long beard for 2022 requires first knowing what type of beard is in style and how to grow it. Then you just have to just maintain and groom the beard appropriately as it grows in. It should be noted that growing a long beard takes a lot more time, effort, and maintenance than a short or medium length alternative. But if you're ready for the challenge, take a look at some of the hottest long beard styles in 2022. 

Growing a Long Beard — A Few Preliminary Considerations

Before jumping in and trying to grow a long beard, there are a few things to consider.First, you need to know the proper length of a long beard. If you've been growing a medium length beard for a while, how much longer does it need to be before it reach the coveted status of "long beard?

"Second, you'll need to know how to grow a long beard. No, it's not as simple as just letting your chin hairs fly free. There's a lot of extra grooming and maintenance involved to keep your long beard in tip-top shape during every stage of its growth.

Just How Long Is A “Long” Beard?

There is no universal answer to this question. Some fashionistas believe a beard has to reach six inches in length before it classifies as "long."

That’s really pretty lengthy when you think about it. At ZOUSZ, we define a long-beard style as anything three inches or longer. This is certainly longer than most medium length beards, and by the time you've reached three inches you'll have to begin maintaining your beard as if it were a long beard.However, we're willing to compromise and say that a long beard begins to develop at three inches, and a full-length long beard emerges at five or six inches.

How To Grow A Long Beard

Growing a long beard isn't for everyone. After all, for many men trying to grow may actually be impossible. For some, facial hair just doesn't grow that long.If you're one of the lucky few who can grow a long beard, there's still no definitive answer for how long it will take. 

Everyone's facial hair grows in at a different rate.Nonetheless, growing a long beard requires about the same process no matter how long it takes.

First, you'll need to make sure that you're trimming the beard as it grows in to shape the lines you want and make sure the hairs learn to grow in the right direction from the start.As the hairs get long, you'll need to keep your beard in good condition with regular washing and a daily application of beard oil

Once you’ve lathered the oil on, give your beard a comb and a brush every day and moisturise with beard balm. That way the hairs will be encouraged to keep growing in their intended direction.

While you’re at, don’t neglect your moustache. For any long beard style, the moustache is an essential element. It’s best not to trim it until you’re ready to shape the entire beard. That way you can fully craft the entire creation into the facial ornamentation you crave.When you do reach peak length, start trimming and shaping slowly. 

You can always go back over - in fact several small sweeps are recommended - after the initial snipping.Now that you know the basic process for growing a beard, let's get into our selection of the hottest long beard styles in 2022:

The Au Naturale Long Beard STYLE

The au naturalle long beard style appears wild and untamed, but it balanced by proper grooming. Essentially, you let the hairs on  cheeks, chin, neck, jawline and sideburns grow out to whatever length you choose.

Au Naturale Beard Long Beard Jason Momoa

However, you don't just give the beard free reign. Otherwise, you'll just have a widely unappealing mass of hair on your face that look more like a dirty mop than an actual beard.

Thus, to pull off the au naturale beard, you have to trim the beard as it grows out to make sure you have a smooth appearance across the surface. Make sure all to cut any stray hairs that manage to push past the surface and comb the beard to that all the hairs face the same direction, typically downward.

Additionally, will need to adopt a rigorous routine of washing, moisturising and conditioning with beard balm and beard oil.

The Viking Beard Style

A Viking beard style can be epic, perhaps even a little intimidating. But that's the point.

Viking Beard

The Viking beard style is the epitome of virile masculinity. It encapsulates everything wild about the race who once rampaged across Northern EuropeLike us, the Vikings went through facial fashion fads and fades. Goatees and lone moustaches had their place in Norse society from time to time, but it is the flowing warrior beard for which the Vikings are revered and which remain timeless.The modern incarnation of the Viking beard is long, full, and worn in a natural fashion. It can be combed or left largely to its own devices.There really is only one rule: let the beard grow long and wild. However, there are several methods of taming the Viking beard and bringing it clearly into the 21st century century. A few of these styles include:

The “Bare Viking” beard style originates at the sideburns which are kept relatively shorn. Above them, the hair extends through a fade up to a long top. Downwards from the sideburns, the length extends incrementally before flourishing into the moustache and chin areas which are kept long.

A “Square Viking” beard style extends as a big block down and out from the cheeks with a relatively squared-off chin area. This style will fill out the narrowest of faces.

A “Full Viking" beard style works exceptionally well with a full moustache where the upper lip hairs are extended outwards to sit atop the rest of the beard. 

Another styling method includes braiding the bead just like the Vikings once did. Now this can be a difficult decision and will require quite a bit of extra upkeep. However, a braided Viking beard is definitely a hot commodity in 2022.

The Harden Beard STYLE

Named after the one and only James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets basketball, the Harden beard remains a popular choice in 2022.

Unlike the Viking beard style, the Harden beard style hasn't been around for thousands of years. In fact, it really made the beard scene about ten years ago when James Harden sported the beard as he led the US  team to victory at the 2012 Olympics.

To grow the Harden beard style requires a lot of facial hair. While Harden himself has sported different length beards throughout his career, a minimum length for the Harden beard is five inches, though it can be much longer.

As you're growing the beard make sure to trim and comb the hairs to face at a slight downward angle from your chain while ensuring that your cheeks, moustache, and upper lip remain fully covered in hair.Once you've achieved the proper length, trim up the sides and shape the beard properly to pull off the nice box shape coveted by beard lovers everywhere. Lastly, make sure that the forest of facial hair is cut down to a flat and uniform level. 

A Final Look At The Hottest Beard Styles in 2022

Here’s the bottom line with beards. They’re like skinny jeans or outlandish shirts — you don’t know if you can wear one until you try it on.

Fortunately, there are many hot beard styles in 2022 that you can begin trying out for yourself. While short beards are by far the easiest and quickest to grow, medium length and long length beards are definitely worth the extra time and effort.Here are the hottest beard styles in 2022 according to ZOUSZ, the experts in quality beard products:

The Five O'clock Shadow

The Short Boxed Beard Style

Short Chin Strap Beard Style

The Beardstache

The Balbo Beard Style

The Van Dyke Beard Style

The Au Naturalle Long Beard Style

The Viking Beard Style

The Harden Beard Style

If you need help figuring what type of beard style you want to grow, try out any of these beard styles and make 2022 the year of the beard.

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