3 Luxurious Men's Grooming Products You Should Invest In


One thing that all men recognise now is the importance of using the right kind of products for men's grooming. Doing this will mean your skin stays in the best shape and you look fresher, brighter and ready for anything.

Investing in luxurious men's grooming items also means you use products with the finest ingredients and the best scents. But what are the top 3 high-end products you should invest in for men's grooming?


There is no doubt that beards have come back into fashion in a major way recently. Whether you rock a full beard or a goatee, you need to care of it properly. 

This will help it look, feel and smell great. Black Oud Luxury Beard Balm is the perfect product to help men achieve this. Black Oud is a truly decadent ingredient and forms the basis of this balm

Known as 'liquid gold' in South East Asia, it comes from the Aquilaria tree. This balm has an intoxicating scent with notes of vanilla, tonka bean and black pepper. Non-greasy and light, it also has anti-bacterial benefits to keep skin in fantastic shape.

Black Oud Luxury Beard Oil

As well as a luxury balm, investing in a high-end beard oil is also advisable for beard care. This sumptuous oil uses Black Oud too and comes with an alluring woody fragrance with notes of cardamom

The base scents of vanilla, amber and tonka bean are also a real feast for the senses. Designed to keep your beard soft and nourished, this oil includes powerful Vitamin E to help stimulate healthy hair growth. 

Coming in an ultra-stylish bottle, it is sure to find a place on every discerning man's bathroom shelf.

Black Oud Men's Eau de Parfum

Wearing the right men's perfume is essential. It not only helps you to feel your best but also makes the right impression on those around you.

This beautiful Eau de Parfum is a real timeless classic which delivers a seductively masculine scent. It is also perfect for both day and night use. Made in England and coming in a luxurious box, the exotic combination of oud, cedarwood and sandalwood make this EDP a real stand-out

Potent, long-lasting and enchanting, this is a scent for the discerning man.

Order luxurious men's grooming products with Zousz

Investing in truly luxurious grooming products is something all men should do. With a commitment to lead the world in men's grooming products which awaken your senses, ZOUSZ understands this.

To get the distinctive style and scents the above products offer, shop with us online today.

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