What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil has long been considered to be a humble beard care component while it is in fact, one of the well-guarded secrets for any man looking to attain the quintessential gentleman’s standard

So what exactly does it do? Here is what you can expect from our oud beard oil.

Nourishes beard and skin

When it comes to growing a beard, the occasional dry and itchy skin can often feel like a necessary part of attaining a full mane

Beard hair needs lots of nutrient for growth, and will occasionally draw these out from your skin, resulting in dry skin. 

To counteract this, go for luxury beard oil enriched with oils that complement the reduced sebum oil

Oud blends with notes of jojoba, cardamom and vitamin E add the necessary vitamins and minerals that your skin and beard hair is itching for, providing the nourishment and hydration needed to calm your skin.

Promotes hair growth

Formulated with the best ingredients of essential oils, beard oil can also help transform your patchy beard to the wondrous beard of your dreams

Oils such as black pepper and cedarwood have been used for generations in most Eastern countries, and with good reason. They support hair growth, meaning you can expect a full mane of hair with continued use.

Elevates your scent

Beard oil is not just good for moisturising your skin and hair. It also packs a punch of luxury scents

Citrus and woody scents in your beard oil will help keep you fresh for longer, acting as the perfect complement for your men’s perfume.

Provides antibacterial properties

Beard oil is typically made from therapeutic oils which carry antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation and help in soothing sensitive skin

By sticking to a regimen of oud beard care, you can expect your hair follicles to heal from within and benefit from a reduction of underlying issues that cause dandruff.

Fit enough to be on the top shelf of your drawer, our oud beard oil is the game-changer you need for your beard

Our uniquely crafted beard oil guarantees these benefits, providing you with the perfect luxury solution for your everyday needs.


Black Oud Luxury Beard Oil 30mL


Black Oud Luxury Beard Oil 50mL


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