The Art of Mastering Men’s Eau de Parfum

Mastering Men's Perfume - Pulse Points, The Differences & More

When it comes to men’s grooming, utilising the power of scent will help you create a memorable and personal style.


Read on to discover the differences between men’s cologne and Eau de Parfum, how to master the art of applying men’s perfume and why investing in a seductive scent will have a big impact on the way you are perceived.


Men’s Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of oils in its fragrance compared to Eau de Toilette and cologne.

Perfume concentration levels - Fragrance chart

Eau de Parfum provides a powerful and long-lasting scent that will take you through the day and into the night. Eau de Toilette is less intense and cologne even milder


The beauty of Eau de Parfum is the complex top, middle and base notes that gradually unfold hour after hour. The perfect blueprint when it comes to luxury grooming, Eau de Parfum allows you to enjoy fragrance in one of its purest forms, creating a provocative impression that's built to last.

Pulse Points For Perfume

Our Black Oud Men's Perfume is meticulously crafted from 'liquid gold', a precious ingredient sourced from the Aquilaria trees of South East Asia. 


Its timeless scent has spicy top notes, captivating leather and patchouli heart notes and a warm base of amber, tonka and vanilla.

Eau de parfum pulse points perfume for men and women

Applied on the warmest parts of your body, Eau de Parfum will project throughout the day and night, leaving a subtle trail of fragrance. 


The art of using Eau de Parfum is to give off a hint of scent, making people want to move in closer


For a sublime sensory experience, use a few small sprays on pulse points without rubbing in. Pulse points include the neck, base of the throat and behind the ears


The daring can also go behind the knees, in the elbows and across the biceps. The wrists are often used but because hands are washed regularly you'll want to choose more than one pulse point.


Eau de Parfum's high concentration of oils work their magic without overpowering.


The idea is to create an intimate sphere of scent that is memorable, draws people in and leaves them wanting more.

Knowing where to apply your cologne for optimum effect is another important aspect of mastering the art of wearing it. Targeting the appropriate pulse spots is essential for guys who want to make a lasting impression in order to maximise the power of their trademark smell.


1. The Neck: Due to its closeness to the nose, the neck makes a great pulse point for males to apply perfume. You may attract attention from people around you by dabbing or spritzing fragrance around the sides of your neck. The smell leaves a subtle trail of assurance and enticement as you go.


2. The Wrists: Applying fragrance on the wrists is a time-honored technique that shouldn't be overlooked. The subtle release of your scent as you gesture or extend your hand for a handshake conveys refinement and attention to detail. Remember that a little goes a long way, so to maintain the fragrance's purity, refrain from rubbing your wrists together.


3. The Chest: If you want to make a stronger impression during close interactions, the chest area is another excellent place to apply fragrance. With a couple of strategically placed spritzes on the chest, you may make sure that your perfume is a memorable element of any conversation.


4. Behind the Ears: Applying men's perfume invisibly yet effectively to the region behind the ears. When people lean in for a discussion, the delicate perfume slowly envelops them as body heat activates the fragrance, acting as a magnetic pulse point for establishing a lasting impression.


5. The Inner Elbows: While applying cologne on the inner elbows may seem strange, it works well for creating a more understated yet alluring aroma. Your arms move naturally, casting a delicate aura about you that draws people into your personal space.


Understanding where to apply men's perfume may enhance your overall charisma and presence. Your unique smell will become an enticing extension of your personality by confidently and precisely focusing on these key locations, making a lasting impression on everyone you come into contact with.


Mens Perfume Investing

A luxury scent uses high quality and rare ingredients that have been developed for the very best in performance and aroma.


1. Long-lasting aroma: Compared to other types of fragrances, such as eau de toilette or cologne, eau de parfum includes a higher concentration of aroma oils. It gives a stronger and more enduring aroma as a consequence. You may avoid the need for repeated reapplications by starting your day with a few spritzes of eau de parfum and maintaining your fresh, confident scent throughout the rest of the day.


2. Enhanced Projection and Sillage: Due to the greater fragrance oil content in eau de parfum, it has improved projection and sillage (the perfume trail you leave behind as you walk). With this improved projection, you can make an impression that oozes refinement and charm even before people really see you.


3. More Depth and Complexity: Eau de parfum frequently features a more complex and opulent combination of scent notes. It has a complex composition that changes over time on your skin, exposing several smell layers. Your unique allure is enhanced by this depth of aroma, which makes you enticing and engaging to others around you.


4. Appropriate for Special Occasions: For important events or formal gatherings, eau de parfum is the ideal option. Because of its potent and lingering qualities, you will smell amazing and unforgettable during the event. Purchasing eau de parfum can help you make a lasting impression on everyone you encounter, whether it's at a business meeting, a romantic dinner, or a black-tie gala.


5. A Signature smell: The powerful and recognisable perfume of eau de parfum may become your signature smell, identifying your particular character. Having a trademark smell makes you seem consistent and recognisable, which makes it simpler for others to connect you with a certain aroma. This fragrance connection may become a significant component of how others remember and perceive you over time, leaving a lasting impression.


Investing in a signature scent reminds everyone of who you are. A lavish Eau de Parfum will stand the test of time, set you apart from the masses and create an invisible apparel that is precious, unique and alluring.

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