The Art of Mastering Men’s Eau de Parfum

When it comes to men’s grooming, utilising the power of scent will help you create a memorable and personal style

Read on to discover the differences between men’s cologne and Eau de Parfum, how to master the art of applying men’s perfume and why investing in a seductive scent will have a big impact on the way you are perceived.


Men’s Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of oils in its fragrance compared to Eau de Toilette and cologne

Eau de parfum fragrance chart

Eau de Parfum provides a powerful and long-lasting scent that will take you through the day and into the night. Eau de Toilette is less intense and cologne even milder

The beauty of Eau de Parfum is the complex top, middle and base notes that gradually unfold hour after hour. The perfect blueprint when it comes to luxury grooming, Eau de Parfum allows you to enjoy fragrance in one of its purest forms, creating a provocative impression that's built to last.


Our Black Oudh Men's Eau de Parfum is meticulously crafted from 'liquid gold', a precious ingredient sourced from the Aquilaria trees of South East Asia. Its timeless scent has spicy top notes, captivating leather and patchouli heart notes and a warm base of amber, tonka and vanilla.

Eau de parfum pulse points

Applied on the warmest parts of your body, Eau de Parfum will project throughout the day and night, leaving a subtle trail of fragrance. 

The art of using Eau de Parfum is to give off a hint of scent, making people want to move in closer


For a sublime sensory experience, use a few small sprays on pulse points without rubbing in. Pulse points include the neck, base of the throat and behind the ears

The daring can also go behind the knees, in the elbows and across the biceps. The wrists are often used but because hands are washed regularly you'll want to choose more than one pulse point.

Eau de Parfum's high concentration of oils work their magic without overpowering. The idea is to create an intimate sphere of scent that is memorable, draws people in and leaves them wanting more.


A luxury scent uses high quality and rare ingredients that have been developed for the very best in performance and aroma

Investing in a signature scent reminds everyone of who you are. A lavish Eau de Parfum will stand the test of time, set you apart from the masses and create an invisible apparel that is precious, unique and alluring.

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