Movember: Your Chance To Save Men’s Lives?

Masculinity isn’t just a state of being. It’s an art form.

Alongside hunting rituals and initiation ceremonies, one of manhood’s most ancient hallmarks is the art of grooming. It’s our personal design; the architecture of our image. Aesthetic maintenance.

But grooming is more than that. It’s an outward reflection of our mental clarity. How we present ourselves to the world is a manifestation of our inward presence; our state of mind. And for millions of male minds, spanning every continent, the events of 2020 have not been kind.

In the UK alone, male suicide is at its highest for two decades. And these figures are for the year before the pandemic struck.

Since then a barrage of lockdowns, furloughs and hospital backlogs have formed one of the most challenging years for mental health in living memory. Redundancies are widespread. A man’s occupation is his wellspring. But without a role, without action, men suffer. Often in silence. 

But that’s where Movember comes in.


Movember Campaign Charity. What Is Movember?
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Naturally, we’re born to overcome challenges. As men, it’s what we do. Often alone, but sometimes it takes two. Even a team. 

But without voicing the challenges we’re facing, those problems can’t be solved. Whether it’s anger, depression, cancer, or even suicidal thoughts, our first job as men is to confront those problems head-on. Whether for friends, family, or for ourselves. Speak it aloud

And there’s more than one way to start hard conversations about male health. The act of growing out your moustache this Movember, or trimming back your beard to make your moustache more prominent, could be one of the most important things you do this year.

It could be that one conversation-starter that gets a man talking, even just over Zoom. It could save a life. 


Movember has funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects around the world, ranging from mental fitness programmes and prostate cancer therapies to Family Man, a parenting programme giving dads the tools to handle tougher times.

In the UK alone, Movember 2019 raised £12.8 million to highlight men’s health, and to push things forward in solving men’s health problems, both mental and physical. This year, charities could achieve even more for men’s health – and that’s something sorely needed after the events of 2020.

It all starts with the humble Movember moustache – or the perfect partnership of moustache with beard. But the act of tending and maintaining a classic, timeless moustache is more than that. It’s the act of tending and maintaining ourselves as men. Our aesthetic, and crucially, our state of mind.

It’s about taking pride in our achievement; our masculinity. And joining a noble cause to help other men - Movember.

Movember - Save A Bro


A world-class Movember moustache requires the nourishing properties of a world-class beard oil. Non-greasy and infused with Vitamin E, our luxury beard oil not only softens and moisturises both skin and facial hair, but also helps to stimulate hair growth – maximising your moustache and allowing it to grow at its healthy best for Movember and beyond.


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Our premium beard care range is the last word in highly luxurious, deeply masculine grooming products, specifically designed to awaken the senses – and to help men look and feel their best - Perfect for Movember.

This Movember, ZOUSZ is proud to help men grow and maintain that definitive symbol of male physical and mental.

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Get people talking about Movember, and you’ll get people talking about men’s physical and mental health. And this year especially, men’s health problems need to be talked about.

But even just by talking about them, they’re problems that can be solved.

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