The Great Grooming Gift Guide: How And What To Shop

The festive season is approaching, and it is time to begin your hunt for the perfect gifts. Why not begin with a luxurious treat for yourself or a special bearded friend? Here is our guide to finding just the right grooming product to suit every face.

Before buying, ensure that you know what your recipient is looking for in a grooming product. Grooming habits are a good indication as to what products are used - do they shave frequently, or just go for a light trim? From there you can discern which product will make the perfect present.

Men's Grooming Gift For Dry Skin

To combat dry winter skin or to soften new stubble, why not look at our beard oil? We use only the best Black Oud to ensure that no matter the length or thickness of your facial hair, you are left soft, smooth, and nourished.

This is perfect for the new beard-grower or those looking to shake up their grooming routine with a touch of luxury. Our beard oil also comes in two different sizes, so you can still give the gift of a quality product without breaking the bank.


For oiler skin types, or those looking for a quicker but no less refined experience, the beard balm is the place to start! The lightweight, non-greasy formula is perfect for a quick fix and ensures that facial hair is hydrated and looking fresh.

Our formula also contains antibacterial properties, which helps to keep skin clear from hidden dirt. This gift is ideal for those with longer facial hair, or those prone to breakouts.

Oily Skin Men

A Grooming Gift that any gentleman will love

We even have the perfect gift for all - our signature Eau de Parfum. It has a refreshing, easy-to-wear quality without compromising on luxury.

The oud, cedarwood, and sandalwood blend is long-lasting and will keep you smelling clean and fresh all day. This product is perfect for any gentleman, regardless of facial hair.

We want the process of male grooming to be an experience, and that begins with our packaging. All our products are stylishly designed, and will look sleek at any grooming station.

Give the gift of luxury grooming this Christmas.

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