Top Tips For Looking After Your Beard And Moustache

Beard Tips

Are you a member of the beard club? If you love the look of your beard and have found a style that works for you, you don’t want to ever feel less than your best.

Caring for your beard or moustache shouldn’t feel like a hassle, though. With these handy hints and on-trend tips, you can enjoy your facial hair, knowing you look great every day.


We know this could feel counterintuitive. When you’re growing your beard out, getting it cut feels like you’re going backwards rather than forwards. But trimming your beard is essential. 

Not only will this encourage healthy growth (at a rate of roughly half an inch per month), it helps your beard to develop and thicken. Which is perfect if you find that your facial hair appears patchy in places. 

And, perhaps most importantly, this will help you to maintain a great style that looks neat and tidy, whether you’re at work or at play.

Beard Tips: Regular Trim


This might sound simple, but your beard may need washing more regularly than the hair on your head. This is because your beard comes into contact with so many strong smells from eating and pollutants in the air around you.

If you find your beard feels oily or less than fresh, give it a rinse using a our specialised Beard Shampoo and Wash. It also helps you to care for the skin underneath your facial hair.

Beard Tip #3: Nourish your beard

Your beard needs extra help to remain soft and healthy. Make sure that you invest in a nourishing beard oil, such as our Black Oud Beard Oil, which keeps your beard in top condition, looking great and feeling clean.

Beard Tip #4: Style it up

Beard Tips: Styling your beard

Whether you’re sporting a trim and stylish moustache, a long beard, or something in between, you want to keep it looking groomed. 

Our light to medium hold beard balm will help you to maintain a sensational style all day long without making your facial hair feel weighed down or greasy. 

 We hope with these tips, taking care of your beard becomes an easy and fundamental step in your daily routine.

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