Help Change The Face Of Men's Health With Movember

Movember is a movement to raise awareness of men's health, in particular, mental health issues, suicide prevention and men's cancers (prostate cancer and testicular cancer).

By 2030, the charity's aim is to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%


There are many things people can do to fundraise and raise awareness of Movember, but the main one is to grow a moustache. For many men, this will be the first moustache they have ever had. 

If you've never grown a moustache before, bear these tips in mind.


movember beard style

Movember is a great opportunity to grow a moustache in a unique style. Anything goes - a cowboy moustache, the toothbrush moustache (think Charlie Chaplin!), the big bushy walrus, the super thin pencil moustache and of course, the full moustache and beard combo. 

It’s important to shave at the beginning of November and gradually grow and craft the moustache over the course of the month to ensure maximum impact.


Maybe you are a bit nervous about parading your new look or perhaps conversely you are excited about the challenge and are oozing confidence? 

Either way, ZOUSZ is here to give you an extra boost. 

Our luxurious and deeply masculine grooming products include beard oil, beard balm and Eau de Parfum.


beard tools bundle kit for movember

If you're signed up to Movember, our beard oil will help to moisturise and nourish your facial hair and the skin underneath.

It produces a masculine fragrance to complement the Eau de Parfum, which grows over the course of the day and into the evening - everything you would expect from a luxury scent.

If you have previously not considered a moustache or beard because your facial hair grows in patches, our beard oil can actually help stimulate hair growth.

Finally, our Black Oud beard balm will be your best friend throughout Movember and beyond, especially if you are trying to grow a moustache that looks neat and manicured. 

The balm has a light to medium hold, tames stray hair, is non-greasy and helps to calm irritated skin. What are you waiting for? 

Get ready for Movember with ZOUSZ.

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